DIVIDING HEAD (BEARING TYPE) : For Regrinding of all type of Taps and Drilling Tools & Slitting of Tampered Collet


DIVIDING HEAD (BEARING TYPE) : For Regrinding Milling Cutter CNC Cutter, Wooden Cutter, all Router Cutters, Circular Saw Cutter (Wooden) & Boring Machine Cutter. Extra Accessories :- MT-3 Main Arbour, Drill Chuck & Chuck Main Arbour.

DIVIDING HEAD (BEARING TYPE) : For Regrinding Various Type of End Wheel Cutter Extra Accessories :- MT-3 Thru Chuck of 4” & Main Arbour.

BETWEEN CENTRE : For Getting Perfect Centre of Cutter Rerinding upto 12” approx.

Extra Accessories :- Main Arbour of Between Centre.

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS : Radius Dressing Attachment For Adjusting Concave & Convex Reckless Radius in Stone & Also
use for Grinding Cup Wheel Stone.
UNIVERSAL VICE : For Tooling, CNC Tool Grinding, Lathe Machine, Shaping Machine etc, Tool Regrinding Wooden Bits Designing, Slitting of Tampered Collet, Grinding & Cutting Thru Chuck Clamps.
AKSHAR UNIVERSAL TOOLS & CUTTER GRINDER is a compact and unique TOOLS & CUTTER GRINDER designed to perform almost all the regrinding operations accurately and quickly. Inspite of a very compact machine, it is rugged in design. Following are the special features incorporated in this Model :
(A) FUNCTIONAL PARAMETERS                                             MM
Maximum Diameter of cutter that can be grind
250 mm
Maximum Distance Between centres
300 mm
Maximum Length of cutting edges grind
260 mm
Grinding spindle speeds
4600 RPM
Swing diameter on Standard cenres & work head
275 mm
Working surface of table
450 x 125
Longitudinal Traverse
200 mm
Cross Traverse
150 mm
(B) PACKING & INSTALLATION                                               MM
Base of the machine
599 x 430
Floor Area occupied
765 x 1145
Height of the machine
1375 mm
Weight of the machine with standard accessories
325 kg.
Dimensions of packing Box
Gross Weight Approx
350 kg.
Electric Motor
0.5 HP - 2800 RPM
  • The provision of tilling head simplifies the cutting face angle quickly & accurately.
  • Workhead holding fixture is fully adjustable with swival base.
  • An adjustable stopper limits the longitudinal table reciprocation movement.
  • The machine runs at Mono speed of 3600 RPM & the drive from the Motor Spindle is by means of v-belt.
  • Ruggedness & Versarility are the main features of our Machine which is capable of re-sharpening a variety of jobs ranging from HSS to carbide tip tools.
  • Almost all cylindrical side & face, involute gear, concave as well as convex cutters, Bevel lead angle reamers & cutting face of tap flute can be re-sharpened with standard accessories.
  • Regrinding of boring machine cutter dirll point, tap lead & radius grinding jobs can be done without problem with extra accessories.
Steady with Centres
Dividing Head (Bearing Type) with stopper
Wheel extension shaft
Spanner 2 Nos.
Electric Motor 3 phase 440V-50 Cps K.W. 0.37
Radius Dressing Attachment
Universal Machine Vice
Hobbers Cutter Attachment